W.A.R. Empowerment Portal!

Welcome to Wings And Revelations!

We provide spiritual empowerment to the followers of Christ Jesus by providing God breathed media rich content. The permission to maximize your giftings, skills, talents, and time on Earth, is explicitly granted to you by Almighty God in the Holy Bible.

Please feel free to enjoy this site, subscribe, and share the content to benefit your family, friends and followers.

As an individual, you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the likeness of God. You have a calling to respond to, and a purpose to fulfill. As one of the members of the Body of Christ, you are an important part of God’s redemption plan. We are a body of Believers, fitly knit together, growing in love and effecting positive change as we rise up together in the continuing work of the Lord.

May the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire change your life forever.

Brother James <><
(James Dilley)

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