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My name is James Dilley, and it is my pleasure to serve you this media rich blog content.

James_blog_avatarI came into the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the acceptance of God’s existence, after Jesus spoke to me audibly on April 30th of 1994. He literally preserved my life that day. I later gave my heart and the rest of my life to Him on July 12th (same year) while attending a Pink Floyd concert in Chicago Illinois. I’ve always found it marvelous that of all the places on Earth, that I could have been, when I realized my need for the Savior, it was at “Soldier Field” that I became a member of the Body of Christ, and a soldier in the army of the Lord. The significance of the moment is, and will remain,  forever important to me.

May the Holy Spirit conviction that opened my eyes that day, sweep across this nation and bring many to the awareness that our greatest need is to receive Christ Jesus as our Savior.

On September 11th of the same year, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and began speaking in a language I had not previously learned. This baptism is the empowering of God to be able to walk the walk, and be a witness for Him. All followers of Jesus should seek God for His Holy Spirit and the benefits of  the overflowing of His presence.

For two decades now I have been experiencing this supernatural walk with God. I’ve encountered more than 100 angels, received revelations, visions, dreams, inspiration, instructions, warnings, teachings, words, wisdom, prophecies, mantles, crowns, mercy, among many other wonderful things. My favorite is grace.

This is where clarity is very important. Grace is not unmerited favor as is taught in many circles. Grace is the power of presence; and in the Biblical sense, it is the power of God’s presence. Grace is made available “to the humble” to do the things that He desires us to do and to avoid what we should not do. It is His Grace that enables Believers to obey Him.

God gives grace to the humble, but He resists the proud. (James 4:6) When more people humble themselves before the LORD they will qualify to receive His Grace to live an honorable Christian life.

I was recently caught up in the spirit during worship into a Throne Room experience . I saw an open door in the heavens, I was caught up through that door. As I entered in, I was greeted by angels with wings, one on each side of me, who then escorted me to the throne. When approaching the throne, I saw the four living creatures bowing before God, one on each side, front and back. Their wings touched tip to tip. As I was watching, the two closest to me parted their wings so that I could approach the throne. Then as I stood before God’s throne, He spoke to me saying, “What would you ask of me?” … After I got over the momentary shock caused by such a question, during such an experience, my primary concerns and requests were related to the destiny of the United States of America.

My reply began with “Grace for this nation… and wisdom…”

There is a fire that blazes upon my heart to see my nation, the USA, rise into her God ordained destiny.

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We’ll see you on the front lines!

In His Power,
Brother James <><

James Dilley

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