51515: A “Hinge Pin” Day for America

Hinge Pin Year

2015 is a “Hinge Pin” Year

Today is 51515 in the USA and that is a palindrome (the same forward or backwards). We are in fact, in the midst of 9 days of this phenomenon having to do with the number 5 book ends. I posted on February 2nd (2/2) a word that the Lord gave me regarding 2015 being a “hinge pin” year. Here we are on a “Hinge Pin” day, in the midst of a series of “Hinge Pin” dates, in the midst of “Hinge Pin” year. This morning, among other things, I saw thousands and thousands of doors opening. BIG DOORS SWING ON LITTLE HINGES! #BlessBless

Here is that word from 2/2:
“I believe we are in the midst of a turn around in America. In the same way that the game (when the Patriots won the Superbowl) turned around so swiftly, and unexpectedly, I believe we will see a swift turn around in this year. I’ve gotten the prophetic message that this (2015) is a “Hinge Pin Year”. History will show that this is the year that everything shifted for the Body of Christ, like no other year up until now. Like a door swinging on its hinges; the Signs Wonders and Miracles are coming this year with great force. I dream almost nightly, or am moved by the Spirit of Prophecy, regarding how things in the Kingdom are. “Thy Kingdom come” is about to get real for so many more people as we progress through this “Hinge Pin Year.” [BTW Yes! That is a Camel on that Hinge Pin!]”

Originally posted on America Will Be Saved 2/2/15 #HingePinYear

2 thoughts on “51515: A “Hinge Pin” Day for America

  1. I was glad to find this article your Mom mentioned in the Soaring222 Fb group. The Lord kept shining a light in my spirit that today was 5-15-15, so I knew something was significant about it. Praise the Lord for shedding more light on it through you. It was a very encouraging word, James.

    It was strong in my spirit in the beginning of this year that we are in a time of great shifting. I was sensing and experiencing it on a personal level but know it goes way beyond me. I still don’t understand the full scope of it all but believe it and am anticipating great and mighty things.

    Can you expound on the significance of the camel on the hinge pin? That is intriguing to me. I’ve been hearing for a couple years now, “the camels are coming.” I’ve been watching for the camels to arrive with the wealth of the nations and the wealth transfer for God’s plan and purposes! And I’m all for and looking for those “open doors” the Lord sets before me! PTL!

  2. Hello!!

    With the mention of the camel, I am going to ask what you understand in a word given me by a prophet in the 1990’s. It was, “You will water the camels of many leaders in the Body of Christ.”

    …. Just thought I would ask.

    Thank you!

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